Camille Rodriguez – « Andalusian 2.0 » ep vinyl release

Camille Rodriguez « Andalusian 2.0 » ep – btx012 with remixes from the almighty Traumer and dubby Kaine !

The BTRAX records label is back after few years off, and we are sure that new EP will not disappointed you. We are very proud to put out 1 stunning track made by one of the label artist : Camille Rodriguez from Paris – France.

Electronic music drives his life for over 10 years now, he has developed his own style incorporating all his influences. He is passionate about the live, and create that way with synthesizers, sequencers, BAR and samplers… He likes pushing himself sweating behind his machines, improvising at every moment, keeping control of every sound in order to play more intuitively, getting a better communication with the crowd.

“Andalusian 2.0” comes in two guises, the Original Mix which delivers some perfect techno keys and claps over its stomping techno beat, giving it live performance style flavor. The Traumer Remix takes it into darker warehouse territory but still retains the warmth and groove. Kaine’s Remix delivering some tough dub techno workouts that still have just the right amount of funk and groove.

1. a1: andalusian 2.0 – original mix
2. a2: andalusian 2.0 – slowdown vision
3. b1: andalusian 2.0 – traumer remix
4. b2: andalusian 2.0 – kaine remix

Vinyl release date: 14.03.2016
Digital release date: 09.05.2016
Vinyl: Syncrophone​
Digital: EPM Music
Promo: PullProxy​
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    4 avril 2016
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